Monday, March 20, 2017

STEM- Cantilever Bridge

The cantilever bridge has piers under it that extend into the water, or ground. It is lower than a suspension or stayed cable. It also has a shorter span from side to side. It is not as strong as an arched bridge.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kahn Academy- Physics- Force

Room 4 received a set of 6 iPads from our technology grant last spring. We use our devices for reading, researching, and practicing math concepts. First graders use the Kahn Academy app to read and research key concepts of structures. I love this time of year! My 6-7 year olds are not just practicing building structures, they are experimenting with, and asking bigger questions about how and why these structures stay up!

An actual bridge is selected. The design, a simple beam bridge is examined. How will force (weight added ) hold up the structure? 

Here, the lesson illustrates force being applied to a model bridge. TOO MUCH force, the bridge collapses!

Friday, March 17, 2017

STEM- Arch Bridge

Another very simple, but strong structure is the arch bridge. It can carry a heavy load, but it is not a good bridge over a long span. Long ago this type of bridge was common when a bridge needed to cover land. It was used by the Romans to carry water long distances. Aqueducts contained multiple arches. The arch was also used inside cathedrals and churches to hold up extremely high and heavy ceilings. Room 4 enjoyed trying to see how much force, or load our arch could hold up!

STEM- Simple Beam- Covered Bridge

A very common bridge is called a simple beam bridge. It is used to connect shorter distances. A long time ago these small bridges became covered in snow for an entire winter, and caused the road to become impassable. The solution? Builders covered them! You will find these old bridges in the country, or on back roads that are not often traveled.

STEM- Suspension Bridge

A suspension bridge is built to span across a very wide area. It has to have two towers to support the steel cables that run from one end to the other. It is not as stable as a cable-stayed bridge. A suspension bridge may move or "sway" in heavy winds.

STEM- Draw Bridge

Room 4 is having the best time learning all about man made structures! This week we completed 5 bridges! Our class worked in small teams. Each team built a different type of bridge. The first team built a draw-bridge. It was designed to house a motor that opens and shuts the roadway to allow boat traffic through.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Structure: A Stem Science Project

Room 4 is exploring structures. We have looked at manmade and natural structures. Today we explored with different materials, and attempted to build a bridge. We are going to begin looking at the "parts" of structures, noticing how they give an object strength.